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Baycast Foundry Limited

Marlin Electroplaters 1988 Limited

Frampton Signs Limited

Nu-Wall Aluminium Cladding Limited

Interserv Sales Limited

Mckechnie Aluminium Solutions Limited

Box NZ

Wadding Solutions Limited

The Heavy Metal Company Limited

Neotechnical Products Limited

Morris & Watson Limited

A W Fraser Limited

M M Kembla New Zealand Limited

Delta Diecasting Limited

Dlm Limited

Roadrunner Manufacturing NZ Limited

National Aluminium Limited

INEX Metals Limited

Glucina Alloys Limited

Giltech Precision Castings 2004 Limited

Ali Arc Industries Limited

Westgate Welding Limited

Symonite Panels Limited

JP Marshall Engineering Limited

Nymic Engineering

Scotty Doors Limited

Chainmakers New Zealand Limited

Intime Engineering Limited

Pacific Steel NZ Limited

Reininks Wrought Iron Limited

Baylis Bros Limited

New Zealand Aluminium Smelters Limited

Aztech Engineering Limited

HTS-110 Limited

Site Weld NZ Limited

Rockford Aluminium

Westview Aluminium Limited

Ullrich Aluminium Co Limited

SNOWL HONGKONG COMPANY LIMITED, Snowl HK CO.,Ltd. (Snowl hongkong company)

Synergy Electronics Ltd

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