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National Aluminium Limited

Manufacturers - Engineering - Aluminium Sheet MetalAltus is the result of NALCO and Fletcher Aluminium coming together to form one Joint Venture. The announcement of Altus as our new company name signals an exciting change in the industry. A completely new kind of business built with the best people delivering outstanding service to what are a great group of customers, spread far and wide throughout many industries. We want to celebrate that we can now say “we are one”. Altus offers an unrivalled range of skills and depth of experience to the market at one of the busiest times we have ever seen in the New Zealand building industry. Altus brings new benefits of scale, leading edge technology, product knowledge and human experience to take our whole industry higher. Our commitment to each other, our customers and our partners is to look after each other, work together to raise standards and to always show each other the deepest respect. NALCO is an award winning leader of the Aluminium extrusion and rolled product market. We specialise in design, manufacture, import and export of extrusion and rolled product, and distribute to both local and International markets. Altus provides much more than aluminium products to a wide range of industries. We provide innovative, dynamic solutions for our customers, by leveraging our scale, market leading technology and the best people in the industry.Aluminium Rolling, Drawing, Extruding

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