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Coales Manufacturing Limited

Producto Limited

Otago Knitwear Limited

J & E Heskett Limited

ALY Maclean & Co Limited

Beverley Productions Limited

McKinlays Footwear Limited

Fashion Biz Limited

Fabri-Cell International Limited

Pitter Patters Limited

Gale Pacific New Zealand Limited

Ellen&Company Limited

The Optimum Clothing Co Limited

Silverdale Knitwear Limited

Crane Limited

Safety Source Graphics

Sea Breeze Fashions NZ Limited

Kairanga Knitting Mills Limited

Strangely Normal Limited

Bromleywear Clothing Limited

Charade International Limited

Stretton Clothing Co Limited

Chartwell International Limited

Mild Red Limited

Huffer Direct Limited

Helean Holdings Limited

Monogram House Limited

Carlson Limited

Roughtrade Sportswear

Zambesi Workroom Limited

Cotura Fashions Limited

Mooneys Furriers Limited

Tiffany Jane Fashions Limited

J Tilley Agencies Limited

Fusion Clothing

Hurricane Clothing Co Limited

Ziera Shoes NZ Limited

New Zealand Foam Latex Limited

New Zealand Mantex Holding Co Limited

Wellington Apparelmaster Limited

New Zealand Sock Company Limited

Shoshamma Manufacturing Co Limited

Beach Street Surf Co Limited

Den Ray Marine Services Limited

Bobux International Limited

The Just Group

Central Orthotics Limited

Dimples By Jane Anne Limited

Global Safewear International

Remar Knitwear Limited

Atlantic Apparel Limited

Ezee Cutting Services Limited

Wellfit Apparel Limited

Events Clothing Company Limited

Lothlorian Knitwear Limited

Sculpture Garments Limited

Cole IRT Limited

Cloud Clothing Limited

The Knitting Establishment Limited

Kaiwaka Clothing Limited

Day Two Limited

The Hat Factory 2006 Limited

Etude Classique Limited

Masterweave Textiles Limited

Kate Sylvester


Swazi Apparel Limited

Egg Maternity NZ Limited

Canterbury International Limited


AS Colour Limited

Betacraft New Zealand Limited

Long Island Clothing Limited

Judith Anne Ford Limited

Najie Clothing Co Limited

Fio Fashions Limited

GEO Vause Limited

Possumdown Knitwear Limited

Rembrandt Suits Limited

Chalkydigits Limited

Academy Apparel Limited

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