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Helios Power Solutions Limited

Manufacturers - Engineering - Electronics - Importers& Distributors - Power Protection Products & Marine Electrical Products & Goyen Environmental EquipmentHelios Power Solutions ( formerly known as Innovative Energies Ltd & Enertec Power Solutions Ltd) is an expert in providing power conversion solutions for industrial DC and AC Power requirements.We have been in business for more than 30 years, and our team of sales engineers in Auckland, Christchurch, Wellington, Sydney, Dubai and Singapore will advise and supply the best possible solution for your industrial power requirements. From designed in PCB power supply components and DC/DC converters to large integrated industrial DC and AC UPS systems with battery back up, we have the best solution for you.Our solutions include our own designed and manufactured products from our ISO9001 accredited facility, a wide range of industry-leading products from our global supply partners, and our in house designed and built DC and AC Systems using the best products available. These can be provided as a turnkey, factory acceptance tested product. We can even customise products and components to meet your specific requirements. These solutions can be found in critical applications all over the world, in oil and gas, remote communications, electrical utilities, rail, and critical infrastructure to name a few. Anywhere you cannot afford a failure - we have the solution.Other Electronic Equipment Manufacturing

Supplier of:

  • Semiconductor diodes
  • Electronic equipment. Telecommunications equipment
  • Integrated circuits (ICs)...

Sea Air & Land Communications Limited

Manufacturers - Engineering - Equipment - ElectronicSalcom is a New Zealand based developer manufacturer and distributor of a wide range of wireless products working across the radio spectrum utilizing various transmission modes.Our products include emergency position indicating radio beacons (EPIRB) satellite communicators industrial remote control telemetry systems radio paging and two way radio products suitable for commercial emergency services and personal applications. Designers and Manufacturers - communications systems. Radio data transmission equipment Marine Rescue Beacons (EPIRB's) paging transmitters and receivers manufacturers distributors and wholesalers Salcom's expertise is knowing how to get a radio signal from A to B whether the distance is 100 metres or 100 kilometres. Our name is an acronym for Sea Air and Land Communication and as the name implies we have designed and manufactured radio communication hardware for use in marine, aeronautical and terrestrial applications. After nearly 40 years of being in business and having exported products to most parts of the world Salcom has gained a lot of experience in just about every area of radio communication from emergency marine beacons to airport runway lights control and everything in between. Salcom has been entrusted many times to protect people’s lives by providing reliable radio hardware and software for Fire, Ambulance, Hospital and Police services. The same dependable products used for this are used to do less critical but important functions in irrigation, water and sewage control/telemetry, security, industrial control, lighting and many more uses.Communications Equipment Manufacturing

Supplier of:

  • Telephones
  • Electronic equipment. Telecommunications equipment
  • Telephone intercommunication equipment...
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