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Sugarhorse Bar and Eatery

Food Retail - BarAs our beloved city emotionally and physically picks itself up, more stories emerge reminding us that persistence is omnipotent and that there are people out there who refuse to fall to matter how hard the knock. A vibrant inner city space now stands as testament to one man’s refusal to fall and, the owner of Sugarhorse Bar and Eatery | Function Venue is certainly no one trick pony. The offering from Pete Rathod, formerly of beloved beachside bar Sumner’s The Thirsty Marriner, bears not even the slightest resemblance to the venerable seaside institution, but is instead a tapas bar with a bit of style and spunk, that nonetheless still manages to retain a welcoming, easy-going vibe. “We were aiming for a clean, stylish, inner city bar, with a really good vibe, somewhere which just feels like a great place to be and we feel that’s exactly what we have created.” And, although the stylish suburban bar at 100 Moorhouse Avenue is a commercial newcomer, its name is classic Christchurch to the core. William Sefton Moorhouse was behind the naming of Moorhouse Avenue and yes, he is also unwittingly behind the cleverly crafted Sugarhorse name. About 1881 William left Lyttelton with his brig ‘Gratitude’ and was known to have sailed from Sydney on his return voyage with a cargo of horses and sugar. But for months Gratitude was unheard of and when at last she came into port, William found his family in mourning for him.Pubs, Taverns and Bars

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