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RG Luma specialise in bespoke pick, pack and palletise applications within the food and beverage sector.
High Volume, Many Products, Same day delivery – Food Production requires fast, flexible and reliable automation. RG Luma provides the solutions …
 We are all used to being able to walk into our local supermarkets any day of the week and being able to buy any of the multitude of choices that they offer. To ensure that a constant supply of these products are available to us, food manufacturers turn to automation and to RG Luma. We engineer solutions that can pick product from the production lines at whatever speeds you require, can change between products in seconds and can run for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. From your morning pancakes to your evening barbecue dips, RG Luma automates production lines to keep the supermarket shelves stacked.
Traditionally Food production, and especially packing, has used people to maintain the required flexibility and speed of response to changes that the supermarkets demand. RGLuma’s solutions within the food factories take this into account and are often based around robotics which are flexible enough to cater for many variants and allow change over times between those variants in seconds meaning that supermarket demands can be met every day.
Innovative solutions using cutting edge technology is how we deliver results to our customers … how can we help you?

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