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Applications & Programming Service
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Covers wide-range of applications and CMS system with high level of customization to suit your unique business needs.

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Covers wide-range of applications and CMS system with high level of customization to suit your unique business needs.

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Weighing Software

MWS have industry leading food processing and traceability software available to enable our clients to improve their business using latest technologies available. . We work closely clients to provide a full turnkey package and manage the project from start to finish ensuring full client satisfaction. Contact us today to enquire about our software solutions. OCM – Outer Case Marking System The Outer Case Marking System or OCM for short incorporates a Windows touchscreen terminal, an industrial label printer and weighing platform into a hygienic stainless steel frame that can be portable or fixed in one location. TraceWaste TraceWaste is our Waste Management software application, designed to identify prime waste generators and areas for improvement. Our software will help you to lower costs and improve profits. OCM Labelling Solutions WeighLogic Packing Management software is developed as a standalone or networked OCM solution that provide an unparalleled Outer Case Marking system for the UK food industry. WeighLogic Core Manufacturing companies rely on data collected from operations to monitor production efficiency. This data may be recorded on pen and paper and then input into a computer program, or the company may have extended their computer system to include data input terminals on the shop floor, enabling data to be captured automatically. MWS WeighLogic is what is known as a Manufacturing Execution System (MES). This is a computerised system used in manufacturing, to track and document the transformation of raw materials to finished goods. MES provides information that helps manufacturing decision makers understand how current conditions on the plant floor can be optimised to improve production output. WeighLogic works in real time to enable the control of multiple elements of the production process. WeighLogic may operate across multiple function areas, for example: management of product definitions across the product lifecycle, resource scheduling, order execution and dispatch, production analysis, product quality, or materials track and trace. WeighLogic creates the “as-built” record, capturing the data, processes and outcomes of the manufacturing process. This can be especially important in regulated industries, such as food and beverage or pharmaceutical, where documentation and proof of processes, events and actions may be required. For more information contact us on 0845 260 2602 or visit our website:

Rockwell Automation Training Courses for Companies & Schools:

Attn: Tech College Instructors, and Company Training and Development Managers ... Are you seeking to integrate blended or online instruction into your curriculum, but don't have the time to create your own content modules and courses? See the Rockwell Automation courseware resources for educators below... These industrial control systems training courses (Koldwater Rockwell automation training series) for industrial electrical technicians and maintenance are available in Perpetual Site licenses (SL). A great low-cost way to supplement the Technical University, to the smaller City College and Community College programs. (As well as corporate training and development departments.) These automation control certificate courseware programs are used by corporate training directors, Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Locals, training centers, and technical college instructors around the world to train in industrial automation control and enhance industrial electricians' electrical training. Industrial & Building Automation Systems Courses: Perpetual SLs for these industrial and building automation systems courses can be purchased for each course individually, or bundled for extra savings of up to 36%! Each courseware SL includes, for each facility licensed... ✴ No annual fees! ✴ Never expires! ✴ Unlimited users! ✴ Unlimited installations! ✴ No internet required after initial installation. ✴ Lab manual included in PDF format! ✴ Student scores in LMS friendly MS DB ✴ Real-world interactive simulations. ✴ Facility license to repurpose installed assets for LMS customization. Testimonial: Charles Stevens - Maintenance Technician - Medical Device Manufacturing " As you know I purchased your Technician's Dream package a while back. Your easy-to-understand interactive software is pretty awesome. This package has given me a lot of the needed skills not to mention filled in a couple of blanks in the process to further advance in my career. The Constructer and the Logic Pro 500 are brilliant and I would recommend them to anyone. You have a World Class organization." "I would like to thank you all for providing me with support for the Maintenance Bundle program. I have learned so much from your programs, Because of your Software I am happy to let you guys know that I have obtained my long time Dream Goal of working for Siemens [Healthcare], I will be starting work in July I CAN NOT understate how much your software has helped me learn and pass the interview question. I am forever great full to BIN95 / KOLD WATER staff." Thank you, Liban. Eduardo (Edwin) Sebastian -Transformer Repair Technician at General Electric "PLC programming software tools purchased here at Bin95 are highly recommended. It's complete software for anyone who wants to learn PLC, HMI, SCADA, and more. It's worth buying this product." Edwin took distance learning courses provided by Business Industrial Network. Timothy Wilson - Firing Controls Technician at Corning Incorporated CET Division Engineering "I would recommend the training for someone that is a beginner for using the RS Logix program and someone that is looking for basic information on how to read and write small projects."

10 PLC Training Video Course Library

PLC training video course, 10 DVDs or CDs about PLC automation control with video reference handbook, instructor's guide, answer key, a master set of exams, and course completion certificate. No prior PLC knowledge is required. While the instructor uses the Allen Bradley/Rockwell brand for hands-on, most of the knowledge gained is applicable to all makes and models of PLCs.We cover the most critical and fundamental skills that your maintenance department needs to know. Available in DVD format of the CD format. (With the DVD format, test, guide, etc. in print. Extra printed workbooks can be ordered separately. With the CD format, all documents are in digital format on the CDs. Electrical Distribution, Electrical Control Circuits, Motor Controls, and PLCs. A comprehensive PLC program applicable to all makes and models of PLCs without requiring any prior PLC knowledge. The program starts off with the basics, thoroughly explains the hardware section of the controller, moves on to both basic and advanced programming topics, and wraps up with proper system implementation guidelines. Great for training maintenance and industrial engineers. The PLC Training Library Includes: The first three PLC training videos introduce the PLC basics, principles, and operation. The next three cover PLC hardware including discrete and analog I/O. The next three PLC training videos explain basic and advanced PLC programming techniques and the final PLC training video shows how to properly implement a PLC-based system. In addition to enforcing and maintaining the National Electric Code (NEC), our programs also help complement and support the employee training requirements of OSHA 29 CFR 1090.332 and ISO 9000 Section 4.18 regulations It's even easy to train multiple people, simply order additional student kits with the DVD format, print as needed with the CD format. When ordering, you will see the new PLC Training Interactive CD format option has been added in addition to the standard DVD/printed workbook delivery format. In choosing the interactive CD format, you will not need printed workbooks as they are built into the interactive CDs in the form of Review Questions, Final Test, and Prints Certificate with student's score on it. Use CD for a single student, or unlimited user in your facility. Review Questions: Use our exclusive interactive software to train and evaluate everyone going through the CD-ROM program. Just watch one of the lessons. Then, take a review quiz to see how much was learned. For each question, you'll get instant feedback, and if you miss a question, you will receive a follow-up question to make sure you understand the explanation provided in the feedback. Final Exam: Assess the performance of each person going through the programs. An interactive Final Exam consists of 20 randomly selected questions from a pool of questions. Topics covered... Introduction to Programmable Controllers (27:55 min), Number Systems and Codes - their uses and applications in PLCs (25:15 min), Logic Functions and How They Relate to PLC Systems (20:56 min) General CPU Operations, Memory System, and PLC I/O Addressing (47:20 min), Discrete Input/Output Systems (45:15 min), and Analog Input/Output Systems (49:32 min) PLC Programming Instructions and PLC Control Software - Part 1 (49:59 min), PLC Programming Instructions and PLC Control Software - Part 2 (42:33 min), PLC Programming Instructions and PLC Control Software - Part 3(43:40 min) PLC Control System Implementation and Programming (51:20 min) Customer Comment: “ After viewing the program, we believe that your PLC Video Training Series is the best on the market and definitely meets our needs.” - George Cooros, T raining Instructor US Steel Corp. " You covered a huge amount of detail well. It was very easy to understand." - Jeff Camp, Senior System Engineer, United Control George Cooros , Training Instructor, US Steel Corp. "After viewing the program, we believe that your PLC Video Training Series is the best on the market and definitely meets our needs."