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Kompass is a world-leading B2B information provider. With a presence in over 60 countries across the globe, Kompass is an internationally-recognized company that’s dedicated to helping you master your market, sell your products or services, and market your brand.

Since Kompass has been around for 70 years, you know we’ve been a trusted authority in B2B information for many long years. We’ve seen technologies rise and fall, and we’ve outlasted major changes in the industry.

If there’s one B2B information company you can depend on, it’s Kompass.

How Can We Help Your Marketing?
It’s free to put your company records on the Kompass database. The Kompass database includes businesses from 69 countries, and the full database receives as many as 26 million profile views every month.

Register Here, with your free listing, you get a piece of that traffic.

Valued customers with an interest in boosting their search engine performance (both on the Kompass database and on Google) may be interested in our Booster program.

How Can We Help Your Sales?
The Kompass database is full of potential leads from across the globe. Whether you’re a local business or a multi-national corporation, the Kompass database has what you and your sales team are looking for.

With our EasyBusiness and EasyList services, you can compile prospect lists and be ready to close those sales in no time.

How Can We Help You Study Your Market?
Above and beyond all those other benefits, the Kompass database itself is a goldmine of information.

Do you want to learn more about your biggest competitor? See if they’ve got a listing in the directory.

Do you want to get an early warning about major shifts in your industry, or your clients’ industry? Our directory is a great place to start.

Do you want to identify potential partners? Check out the database.

Whatever your goals, information is key. With the Kompass database, you have access to the information you need.

Kompass can help your business to:
  • Promote to the global marketplace
  • Analyze Global market sectors for potential opportunities
  • Identify suppliers of products & services
  • Identify potential clients, agents and distributors
  • Identify potential partners
  • Identify and research competitors
If you have any comments or questions, feel free to contact us here on the site. 

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Previous news
  • Oct 28 2019
    Participate in an event

    Highlights from ONWARD19



    On October 29–30, Yext hosted  ONWARD19: The Future of Search at the New York Marriott Marquis.
    More than 1,600 attendees continued to explore the paradigm shift in consumer search from keywords and chaotic results to questions and verified answers. Attendees from a broad range of industries — including healthcare, insurance and other financial services, retail, automotive, food services, and more — take away a greater understanding of how to answer the questions that begin the customer journey, and actionable strategies for meeting consumers where they search. Kompass North America was so happy to attend this event.
    Highlights from ONWARD19:
    1. The Onward key notes were amazing, entertaining and fun.  The opening keynote of Howard Lerman, CEO and Founder, YEXT was especially great. There’s a massive paradigm shift going on in the world of search from chaotic results to verified answers. Today, consumers are asking questions, and they expect answers. We kick off ONWARD19 with a sneak peek at what’s on the road ahead for Yext and what it will take to ensure that your brand is answers-ready.
    2. Insightful and very helpful advised from featured speakers.
    3. Being Yext partner, I was very interested in Partners Summit, a lot of questions about business value of partnering with Yext were answered and how artificial intelligence, privacy mandates, and data overload will influence your clients’ future marketing technology strategies.
    4. SMBs struggle with the daily demands of running a small business. Partners can help! Because they are local and trusted, they play an important role in guiding SMB clients to make and implement the right decisions regarding software and other important aspects of business infrastructure.
    5. I was impressed by  ‘Halo Effect’: Linking Structured Data Answers with Increased ROI. Search is the most important form of web traffic acquisition within today’s digital landscape. While identifying successes from paid search is simple enough, determining ROI from organic search isn’t always so clear, particularly when many businesses keep their organic and paid search efforts siloed on different teams. In this session, Christian Ward, Chief Data Officer at Yext, Noah Jacobson, SVP of Corporate Development at TapClicks, and Aaron Boggs, President of RevLocal, discusssed how investing in building an organic search presence can impact the ROI of the paid search efforts. They discussed increases in web visitor traffic, better CTRs, and decreasing CPC statistics based on an analysis of 250 different businesses.
    6. I also loved the session Zero-Click Searches: The Good, the Bad, the Ugly. Zero-click searches are on the rise. New features in search results — knowledge cards, featured snippets, local packs, ads, FAQs, and more — meet consumer intent directly on the search results page. That means click-through rates and webpage traffic can drop, even for brands and content that capture the coveted “position zero.” This session examined what this means for marketers: how to rank in an increasingly complex ecosystem, new metrics that matter, opportunities for engagement directly in a search experience, and tactics that will drive clicks. The panel of expert search marketers: Andrew Shotland,CEO & Founder Local SEO Guide, Lily Ray, SEO Director, Path Interactive, Del Humenik, Chief Revenue Office SEMrush, Dan Toplitt,VP, Group Director,SEO Reprise Digital, Duane Forrester,VP, Industry Insignts,Yext explored these changes and suggested pathways to success. So much fun!
  • Jun 10 2019

    Medical Design & Manufacturing East Recap



    Location: NYC

    Contact details contact@kompass-usa.com

    This week, we had the opportunity to attend the  Medical Design & Manufacturing East event in New York City. Medical Design & Manufacturing (MD&M) East is the largest and longest-running medtech event on the east coast. Medical device engineers, R&D managers, and executives from across the Northeast and beyond rely on this event to stay on top of the latest industry advancements, including first looks at innovations yet to hit the market.

    I enjoyed the Emerson’s Lunch & Learn session, where Tom Hoover Medical Business Development from Branson at Emerson and Tarick Walton Ultrasonic Global Product Manager for Branson at Emerson shared the news about the
    latest technologies and solutions. Emerson’s expertise helps medical manufacturers and OEM’s stay competitive while meeting changing consumer demands by tackling challenges in production, quality, reliability and sustainability.
    It was nice to meet our existing customers yesterday at the show such as Keyence and Accumold. While Keyence Mexico is taking advantage of Kompass EasyBusiness tool for prospecting, Accumold is advertising on Kompass for more than 5 years.
    Accumold,  is an example of  Booster+ 1000 Guaranteed Clicks service. This package helps penetrate in difficult international markets, where local personal data protection is in effect. Let us be the experts at taking your SEO global.
    On the picture: the Accumold Booth at the MDM EAST with Shawn Thibeault, Sr. Sales Engineer and Aaron Johnson, Vice President of Marketing & Customer Strategy.

    About Accumold:
    Accumold is a high-tech manufacturer of precision micro, small and lead frame injection molded plastic components. Utilizing processes developed from our Micro-Mold(r) technology, we design,
    build and produce unique molds and parts efficiently for a variety of markets that include Micro Electronics, Optics and Medical. Like many great start-ups, Accumold  began operations in a rented garage. Their founders discovered there was a growing need to manufacture small and micro injection molded components that went
    well-beyond the available molding systems of the day. This discovery led to the invention of our first Micro-Mold(r) platform in 1985
    Accumold has traveled all around the world attending trade shows and showing why they are a leader in precision micro, small and lead frame injection molded plastic components. It was nice to see them at MDM EAST show, they next event will be in Germany.
    Thank you to the MD&M East team for having us and throwing such a great event. To learn more about how our  Booster program can help you,  contact us!
  • Mar 18 2019
    Press release

    NASBITE Annual Conference – Silver Partner Kompass NA to Present “Trade Tools Demo” Session



    Contact details contact@kompass-usa.com

    The NASBITE International  32nd Annual Conference draws educators, exporters, specialists, and students from all across North America. The Conference offers a variety of education and networking opportunities and seeks to recognize outstanding and innovative developments in the area of  international trade education, counseling, training, and research.
    The  2019 National Small Business Exporter Summit on April 9 showcases best-in class exporters from around the country who share their expertise in exporting excellence.
    Join us and many other amazing companies on April 9th to 11th in Savannah, Georgia for NASBITE International 32nd Annual Conference and National Small Business Exporter Summit.
    Kompass NA will present  “Your Guide to New Lands: Kompass Global Database as Your Digital Marketing Tool” on Thursday, April 11 in a new “Trade Tools Demo” session at the Annual Conference.
    Kompass, a NASBITE Silver Partner, boosts business development by putting a unique worldwide database at its clients’ fingertips with its prospecting assistance tools and direct marketing solutions. Market analysis, sales mapping, targeting, internal database optimization, preparation of prospecting files, mailing, emailing. Kompass can support its clients’ marketing and sales goals at each stage of their business development.
    Through an exclusive arrangement, NASBITE Members are eligible for a 20% discount on any Kompass package through the new NASBITE Member Discount Program. For details, clickHERE.
    EasyBusiness is a multi-purpose tool from Kompass. At the heart of the service is the EasyBusiness database, with a directory of over 20 million businesses across the world. Business owners, sales teams, and marketing teams often use EasyBusiness for prospecting, market segmentation, and other research purposes.
    There’s more to EasyBusiness than just the database, though. With a database of that size, it takes a powerful search engine to put the information to the best possible use. As of now, the EasyBusiness search engine has over 60 search criteria, allowing users to pinpoint exactly the information they need to optimize their sales. Results can be filtered through obvious criteria like location, industry, and number of employees, but also by not-so-obvious things, such as languages spoken, turnover rates, and import/export region. Marketers can do the market study, analysis and industry overview.
    With EasyBusiness, researchers will have easy access to exactly the B2B information they’re looking for and answers to the requests of the local business which need help with export, import, trade.
    Contact us for more information about all our tools and we can’t wait to see you at the NASBITE Annual Conference!
  • Jan 19 2019
    Press release

    5 Things to Remember from Kompass’ International Convention 2019


    Contact details contact@kompass-usa.com

    The 2019 International Kompass Convention took place in Rome, Italy from January 14-16, 2019. Kompass team members traveled from more than 30 countries for this event including Rufiya Blank from Kompass North America. For two and half days, international experts exchanged ideas, new trends and local markets experiences. We summarized the event below and can’t wait for the next year event. Where do you think we should travel next year for the Kompass International Convention?

    Kompass serves companies all over the world, whatever their size, to help them develop their business.
    Kompass provides best B2B database in the world. For more than 70 years, Kompass has provided excellent information in the B2B market. The emergence of digital access to information has greatly increased the role of collecting, processing, and interpreting data all along the decision-making chain.  The Kompass database is structured to constitute a high-performance tool for knowing the industries, the competition, the markets, the players and production. The Kompass team located in more than 60 countries and represent a strong network of International Business Development, Data, Advertising experts.

    5 Things to Remember from Kompass’ International Convention 2019:
    1. The core of Kompass business is not only excellent technology, best international data and multilingual advertising platform, but, most importantly, the people network in more than 60 countries. Strong connection between business professional ready to help each other 24/7.
    2. Kompass  is constantly adding new technologies to answer the digital market needs.
    3. An excellent new team of data experts has been added by Kompass International and in depth data services now is offered by Kompass network.
    4. We created the strong partnerships with the leaders of Global Market Entry and Business Intelligence and offering off-line services to our customers worldwide.
    5. Customer needs are the most important for Kompass network, every country is trying to analyze the market and demand to deliver the customer satisfaction to our global customers.
    This year’s international convention has left us full of energy and excitement for 2019. We look forward to continuing to bring you amazing data and service. For information about our products and services,  please contact us!
  • Jan 1 2019

    Kompass’ Launches A Web Series

    Kompass has launched our first ever web series. Enjoy the adventures of JP, our marketing manager. Who is forced, on several occasions, by his management, to  face many challenges to boost the performance of his company. So do not hesitate and come follow us with talented JP. It will make you discover Kompass, and the solutions that we can bring you.
    Episode 1: Looking for new customers
    The adventure of JP, our beloved character is always on the lookout for innovation and full of enthusiasm in his missions. He is looking for  new customers because his base of prospection is exhausted.
    After much reflection, relaxation session, and calls to collaborators it finds its solution. Bravo JP, who wins his challenge!  #Missionbaseclients
    Episode 2: Performing Visibility
    The challenge of the day of our accomplished researcher JP:
    Properly position your website in the search engines! After fighting tooth and nail with our dear friend Google, JP will appeal to a friend. Thanks to Jerome for blowing the answer. #Missionmotors accomplished! Thank you JP!
    Episode 3: Updating the data
    Looking forward to discover the new mission of our favorite JP! So what will he still find us?
    Updating Data from a Deprecated  CRM ? Why not? Fortunately that Corinne is not far to put it on the right path. #MissionCRM validated !! Thank you JP
    We can’t wait to see where JP’s next adventure takes him. In the meantime,  contact us with any questions!
  • Dec 16 2018

    Holiday Season Special



    Especially at this time of year, we take pride in satisfying our customers and friends. We sincerely look forward to many years of working together. To celebrate the end of the year, we’d like to make two special announcements. First, as of November 2018, Kompass North America has a total of  12 million fresh American and  one million Canadian companies entered into the database. This brings us up to a worldwide total of 21 million companies on the database. As any EasyBusiness subscriber will be able to tell you: those numbers mean major opportunities for your organization ( and library research!). Second, we are running an end of the year special,  offering an additional 10% discount to any open proposals or quotes from 2018.
    Our Services:
    Our B2B advertising service-  Booster +1000 clicks guarantee advertising program allows you to advertise in 24 languages. Advertising on  Kompass helps your company’s search engine optimization (SEO) and search advertisement (SEA) for one flat fee! Leave it up to our expert team to get your company website or profile a guaranteed 1000 clicks in 12 months! Our experts use SEA touchpoint marketing to offer our clients the best SEO, SEM and Keyword Advertisement possible. We are capable of doing Keyword Advertisement in up to 30 different countries including: China, United States of America, France, Great Britain, Norway, Czech Republic, Belgium, South Korea, India, Sweden, Lebanon and more. So whether you are looking for local buzz or international buzz, we got your covered! Not only Kompass provides you with advertising in 30 different countries but we also translate the keywords into 10 different languages, all native to their country. This allows a targeted B2B search optimization and the most accurate searches related to your product and services.
    What distinguishes Kompass from other business databases is that  Kompass EasyBusiness tool is more than a system where you can just download all your leads into an excel sheet. Instead, it’s a research tool that would allow business to use Kompass system to better what they are already doing. Kompass EasyBusiness can be easily integrated into CRM, and you can create lists or projects within the system to help you keep track of the work you do. Additionally, you can set up alerts in companies of interests so you can be notified where changes in moves, executives or financial information are made. Kompass EasyBusiness strives to be a useful tool to its customers to help them find leads and make the progress more efficiently.
    Kompass Public Tenders is a service that enables companies to find listings for their needs and promotes linking with professionals in their area. Kompass Public Tenders use the best worldwide tool search engine to find public procurements and build on an efficient and user-friendly platform. Kompass Public Tenders have over 50,000 bids per day! That’s over 10 million per year! With 145 languages detected and access to more and more public tenders each day, Kompass Public Tenders just keep getting bette
    This offer is only good through  December 24, 2018. So if you’re interested in  BoosterEasyBusiness, or  Kompass Tenders, don’t wait. Pick up the phone or  email us right away!
  • Jun 13 2018
    New product

    12 million companies in USA now available on EasyBusiness by Kompass

    Early in 2017, Kompass North America announced that we had 4.2 million USA-based profiles on our database.
    We’ve done some serious growing since that announcement.
    How much? As of June 2018, Kompass North America has a total of 12 million fresh American companies entered into the database. (And if you’re interested in foreign markets and partnerships as well, you’re in luck—the database has a total of 19 million fresh profiles worldwide.)
    If you and your organization already subscribe to EasyBusiness, you already know what great news this is. But let’s get some background information just in case you’re not already familiar with what EasyBusiness can do for you.
    What is EasyBusiness?
    EasyBusiness is a powerful marketing and segmentation tool that the whole company can use. At its heart is the database with over 12 million business profiles in the United States alone. But the real power of the EasyBusiness tool comes with its crowning feature: the search engine.
    The EasyBusiness search engine gives you and your team more than 60 criteria to search with. These include simple things like industry, location, and company size. But it also includes tougher criteria, such as turnover rates.
    If your company is going global, EasyBusiness from Kompass North America has a worldwide reach, with more than 19 million business profiles across the world. Access to EasyBusiness is available 24 hours a day with your subscription, so you and your team can access this vital information whenever you need it.
    How Can My Business Use EasyBusiness?
    As you can imagine, EasyBusiness is a great tool for marketing and sales. Get the sales team on EasyBusiness and they’ll finish prospecting in no time. Let marketing try it out and they’ll be able to figure out how to segment the market before you know it. Just enter your criteria into the search engine and you’ll be able to produce prospect lists almost as fast as you can think of segments.
    But that’s not all your team can use EasyBusiness for. Human Resources can find detailed legal information. Your financial team can look up detailed information on competitors, prospects, and partners. Whatever the data you need, you’ll be able to find it on EasyBusiness.
    And in case you’re thinking EasyBusiness is only for huge businesses with thousands of employees, don’t worry about it. EasyBusiness has plenty to offer small and medium-sized businesses. Even individual subscribers (like professors and students) can get immense research value from EasyBusiness.
    Kompass data is now available to Salesforce users directly through Kompass App for Salesforce. This can make a huge difference for salespeople around the world. Knowing how precious your time is today, Salesforce users can now benefit from using Kompass International database directly from their Salesforce account. Once the connector is installed in your Salesforce account, you can benefit from all the feature of the Kompass EasyBusiness.
    If you’re interested in learning more about EasyBusiness (or about Kompass North America in general), take a look at the  website or feel free to give us a call at (609) 785-5986. We would be happy to help you learn everything you need to know.
    When you visit our website, you might like to take the opportunity to get your  FREE profile on the Kompass database. With your listing on the database, you’ll be able to keep pace with the competition and give potential customers the chance to reach out to you through the database. There’s no obligation when you get your profile, so we’ll see you there!
  • Oct 27 2017

    Top moments from Patrick Coupier, President of Kompass International, Interview with RTL Radio


    RTL Radio is one of the oldest and most listened to radio stations in France invited President of Kompass International, Patrick Coupier to discuss what exactly Kompass is and how it facilitates the relationship between buyer and seller. This interview was for the “le Mag de L’Eco” segment ran by Christophe Pacaud and Agnes Bonfillon which translates to The Mag of the Eco (economics). The interview is in French and you can give it a listen by clicking HERE. For those of you who cannot speak French, below is a snippet of Patrick’s interview. “For companies, it is becoming increasingly difficult to seize business opportunities. We offer innovative services that reach the right company, the right person in the company and, if possible,at the right time and we do this in more than 60 countries in the world! “explains Patrick Coupier, CEO of  Kompass . “Today, when you cold call a customer, the response rate has drastically decreased, now it’s 2.5%, so you have to make 40 calls to make a sale, it’s crazy,” says Patrick Coupier . ” Being there and making that call at the right time allows you to have  a lot more productivity. You waste less time in phones that will never lead to a deal and spend more time on making real connections.” he says.
    “Kompass collects only professional data on companies and individuals. Our role is to connect the seller of a certain product with the buyer of that certain product,” summarizes Patrick Coupier.
    Do you want to know more? Call Kompass experts today at: 609-785-5986 or email your questions to: contact@kompass-usa.com
  • Aug 31 2017

    Kompass Public Tenders is Calling all Exporters!


    Are you an exporter? Then you need to know  about the business opportunities that Kompass Public Tenders have for you!For more than 70 years, Kompass has helped companies developed their international business. Today, however, we are not only able to connect companies through our EasyBusiness tool or create your business exposure in 24 languages, we can also offer your company a way to find key business opportunities by giving you access to private and public tenders. We, at Kompass North America, are eager to share our expertise in exporting with you.Kompass Public Tenders is a new service that enables companies to find listings for their needs and promotes linking with professionals in their area. Kompass Public Tenders use the best worldwide tool search engine to find public procurements and build on an efficient and user-friendly platform. Kompass Public Tenders have over 50,000 bids per day! That’s over 10 million per year! With 145 languages detected and access to more and more public tenders each day, Kompass Public Tenders just keep getting better. On average we have daily bids of 11422 Tenders in China, 1956 Tenders in France, 3042 Tenders in USA, 2554 Tenders in Russia, 22765 Tenders in India, 1500 in Canada, 1440 In Germany and 724 in United Kingdom. You name a country or a product and our system will find it for you.There’s a whole world of opportunity waiting for you. 
  • Aug 31 2017

    Kompass App for Salesforce


    Kompass North America is happy to share some very exciting news with you! Kompass data is now available to Salesforce users directly through Salesforce connector. This can make a huge difference for sales people around the world. Knowing how precious your time is today, Saleforce users can now benefit from using Kompass International database directly from their Salesforce account. Once the connector is installed in your Salesforce account, you can benefit from all the feature of the Kompass EasyBusiness offers you including information from:
    • More than 60 countries
    • More than 12 million business profiles
    • 66 different search criteria
    • Financial Information
    • Full contact details
    • Executive e-mails
    • Kompass’ classification that lists 55 000 products and services
    • Best possible International data
    When creating your searches, you are able to sort, filter and save the data directly as a new lead in your Salesforce account. You get to pick from simple searches such as location and company size to more complicated ones such as turnover rate and export/import zone. Kompass’ ability to collect detailed and accurate information has brought us success for more than 70 years. With branches in 68 different countries, we have the local reach your company needs as well as the resources of a large international company.This allows you to work wherever and whenever! There is no limitation to when you can be working. The emergence of the information society has greatly increased the role of collecting, processing and interpreting data all along the decision-making chain.  The Kompass database is structured to constitute an especially high-performance tool for knowing the industries, the competition, the markets, the players and production.  No matter what data your company needs, our B2B databases has it! Getting our B2B data has never been easier than now with Kompass Salesforce connector.
  • Jun 21 2017

    30 minutes to Sky rocket your Government contracting


    • When is it? July 20, 11:30 AM - 12:30 PM EDT
    • Where is it? Join in from your laptop/desktop
    • Who's doing it? Presented by Timothy Allmond, CEO of Platinum Technology Group and Rufiya Blank, VP, Business Development Kompass North America
    • Why should I be there? To pave the way for getting more government contracts for faster business growth.
    • What's it all about? A 30 minutes training to grow your business. Full details below.
    • Any Bonus? Register now and get a Free full access to Kompass Public Tenders for the entire USA for 3 months, Value $3000

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