Gem Lighting

DRP Investments Limited

14 Tawari Rd
Waiatarua 0612
New Zealand


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This is a family run business started by a father/son in Auckland New Zealand. Tom (father) has started numerous businesses in New Zealand. The best known being a CNC Steel Milling machine that was able to read steel frame plans and cut accordingly. This business was purchased by Fletcher Steel and went on to be used worldwide. During discussions over building plans both Tom and Thomas were surprised by the cost of installing all the power cabling. It was not only the cost of materials but also the electrical contractor labour charges which increased substantially the bigger the property.​Thomas, being accomplished in both software and electronics programming came up with a cost effective way to both reduce the wiring/labour charges and also give the end user the ability to edit the setup within their property. As the system has evolved, we’ve developed mobile applications which further control of the lighting system along with remote control of the system.

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