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New Zealand

Company Summary

E-ideas is a boutique marketing agency focused on bringing results driven marketing to B2B companies.

We work with businesses of all sizes to assist them with successful implementation of direct marketing and lead generation campaigns.

B2B marketing requires knowledge, passion and innovation.

Put simply, marketing is about testing new ideas and then magnifying those which perform best. It's that simple.

Our approach is based on proven fundamentals guaranteed to work for every business regardless of industry, product or service. The beauty of it, is that it just works.

Step 1. Identify your target market. Know it. Understand it. Measure it. Ownership of NZ's largest B2B dataset, whoiswhere, helps us and our clients to understand their B2B target market exceptionally well.

Step 2. Make yourself known. Our specialist B2B lead generation team can do it for you or your team can be trained in Cool Calling techniques.

Step 3. Communicate with passion. Discover an uncommon and very effective way to finally establish a 24/7 sales person. Even if you've heard about it before and it didn't work for you, we understand the key to making it succeed.

Our Key Services include

Targeted lists
We have developed NZ largest B2B database from scratch. Today whoiswhere has over 160,000 businesses and covers over 80% of urban businesses based in commercial premises.

Lead Generation
71% success rate is our record result. Phone lead generation has two massive advantages over other LG approaches

Data services
There is a 75% chance that your data is desorganised, unformatted, and frankly, unuseable. We can help you regain control over your data

Smart ideas
A 100% guarantee that we can create a smart profitable idea that works for your situation

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General Information


  • whoiswhere 

    NZ largest and most accurate B2B lists covering 80% of companies based in commercial premises.


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  • Assia Salikhova

    CEO - Chief Executive Officer