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New Zealand

Company Summary

Deals for Biz was created with your business in mind. Our passion is to discover easy to use solutions guaranteed to help. While we have access to many solutions, in 2017 our focus is the re-introduction of KOMPASS International in NZ and Australia.

It's a fantastic project and if you market to other companies, KOMPASS is simply a "must have" in your sales and marketing arsenal. A business directory with world's largest industry classification of 55,000 categories, KOMPASS offers so much more:
  • digital marketing solutions
  • digital advertising solutions both locally and internationally
  • on-line data access with analytics, list comparison, rare notes recording capability and more
  • ability to stream data directly into your CRM through a custom API
  • access to worldwide tenders
  • unparallel social selling solution - coming to NZ later in 2017
Take action today and find out more about the EasyBusiness solution - request a demo session with KOMPASS team here

And if you want to attract more attention, register your company to be part of KOMPASS
here and discover how we can help you Boost your web presence.

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  • KOMPASS International 

    Worldwide Business Directory and Digital Marketing Solution

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Area : Worldwide

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  • Mrs. Assia Salikhova

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