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Braiform NZ Limited

Polymer Group Limited

Budget Plastic Company Limited

Hi-Q Electronics Limited

Advantage Limited

Allcard Services Limited

Enoplastic NZ Limited

Blow Moulders Limited

Accurate Plastic Moulders 1982 Limited

Betacraft New Zealand Limited

John Swan & Co Limited

Potatopak NZ Limited

Ixom Operations Pty Limited

Bay Plastic Fabrication Limited

Autoplas Industries Limited

Redbull Powder Company Limited

Syngenta Crop Protection Limited

Flight Group Limited

Expol Limited

Award Plastics & Displays

Davidson Plastic Auckland Limited

The Plastic Repair Company Limited

Tru Design Plastics Limited

Polymers International Limited

Forward Plastics Limited

Tamaki Machine Tool Co Limited

Medical Plastics Limited

Furntech Plastics Limited

Plus Pac Packaging Solutions Limited

Filtercorp International Limited

Guala Closures NZ Limited

Integrated Packaging Limited

Leda Extrusions NZ Limited

Stallion Plastics Limited

Sealed Air New Zealand Limited

Solo Plastics Limited

Plastic Materials & Processes New Zealand Limited

Moldplas Enterprises Limited

Morrow Industries Limited

Absolute Plastics Limited

TCI New Zealand 1995 Limited

Flexicon Plastics Limited

Quest Industries Limited

CSC Plastics Limited

Viscount Plastics NZ Limited

Visual Plastics Limited

ITW Fastex NZ

Plastics Construction Limited

Axiam Plastics Limited

Clark Products Limited

Elastomer Products Limited

Pacrite Industries Limited

Hi Tech Plastics 2002 Limited

Acron Plastics Ltd

Dynaplas Limited

APD Limited

Whurl Plastics Limited

TSL Plastics Limited

TT Plastics

Anything Acrylic Limited

Airform International Limited

Galloway International Limited

Strata Precision Plastics Limited

Thermoplastic Engineering Limited

Vision Plastics New Zealand Limited

Wilson Plastics Limited

Creative Acrylic Limited

Canyon Plastics Limited

Polymer Processing New Zealand Limited

Astron Plastics Limited

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